Seattle is a wonderful city bursting with life and adventure around every corner. It has something for every age group, activity level and interest. However, with so much to do and see it can be difficult at times to find the right activity, and moreover, a group of people who share the same interests as you – especially if you are a senior of the community. If this sounds like you, Meetup may be the answer you are looking for. Through thousands of cities around the country, Meetup brings like-minded people together to do more of what they want to do and enjoy in life. It helps people connect, explore, teach and do more of what makes them feel most alive - and what better place to adventure through than one of the country’s most beautiful cities? Below is a list of popular meet up groups for seniors in Seattle - browse through and see if anything perks your interest. Who knows, your next adventure might be a click away!

Seniors Fitness Opportunities | Meet and interact with other senior’s while breaking a sweat! This group was created to cater to the senior demographic to help facilitate great events and fitness opportunities. Learn more about the Seniors Fitness Opportunities Meetup here.

Explore Seattle – Senior Activity Club | This Meetup is catered to the 50+ crowd to share in fun adventures and activities around Seattle. Get out and about to meet new people and explore the city. Learn more about the Explore Seattle – Senior Activity Club here.

The Seattle Senior Coffee Club | Love drinking coffee and wine while creating and cultivating new friendships? If so, then this Meetup is for you! The group plans activities such as local trips around town, lunches/dinners at local restaurants or simply meeting and talking at cozy coffee shops. Learn more about The Seattle Senior Coffee Club Meetup here.

Eastside Seniors Connection | This Meetup group gets together once or twice a month with seniors around the eastside. They plan activities such as happy hour, early-evening dinners and brunches. Learn more about the Eastside Seniors Connection Meetup here