Getting older doesn’t mean you should give up being active nor your social life. This is a time when staying engaged is more important than ever. It can be intimidating and your energy may not be what it used to be, but don’t let that get you down!

Seattle Parks and Recreation has programing specifically catered for adults ages 50+ called Lifelong Recreation. These activities and social events are offered at all of Seattle’s 26 community centers and other facilities.

Lifelong Recreation’s programs focus on physically activity, social engagement, creativity with the arts, and healthy living. All events and activities are catered for adults 50+ of all skills and abilities. You may have been living an active healthy lifestyle for some time now, trying to add better habits into your life now, or you may have limitations due to your age – it doesn’t matter. The Lifelong programs bring the 50+ community together, while helping men and women become more active and life a happy social life, no matter your age.

There is no better time than now! Get out there and make new connections, become more active, be a part of the community or find a new hobby you never knew you loved. 

Download your Lifelong Recreation Brochure today! Spring quarter is April 3 - June 16.