National Parks are made around the nation to preserve the genuine beauty and history that nature has to offer. The extraordinary ecosystems have intertwined every day for millions of years to create the breathtaking mountains, forests, lakes, and springs we love today.

Not many of us take the time to disconnect from the busy schedules and lives we live. National Park Service is turning 100 years old this year and they are offering specific days throughout the year for all to venture out and enjoy the parks for free

April 15-16 and April 22-23 are part of National Park Week and 4 of the days where everyone far and wide can head out to one of the 400+ National Parks and receive free entrance. Not only are national parks free entrance, but some local museums are available to the public as well.

Take this opportunity to get out and expand your knowledge of the nature and history that we take for granted every day. 

List of Washington's Parks Here