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Senior Saves Around Seattle

by Donna McCampbell

Senior adults, especially retirees that are living on a fixed income, are more likely to keep a close watch on their spending and expenses each month. In an effort to help, local organizations and business around Seattle are offering price discounts for seniors on a variety of services, activities and goods. We have listed below a few ways in which seniors in the Seattle-area can explore and adventure around town while still staying within their budget each month.

The Gold Card for Healthy Aging is issued by the City of Seattle and is an information and discount card for residents 60 or older. Participating restaurants, businesses, theaters and public-service organization offer discounts to card holders, as well as free tickets to arts, cultural and recreational events. Seniors can also save on entrance fees to over 2,000 federal recreation sites though the National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass. So you are covered whether you are seeking to explore the Great Northwest or adventure elsewhere around the country.

And for getting around town, seniors on the go should acquire a Regional Reduced Fare Permit, which allows riders 65 and older a reduced rate on public transportation systems such as Community Transit, Metro Transit, the South Lake Union Streetcar and more. There are also many department stores and charity shops that offer senior discounts, which is especially great during the holiday shopping season that is quickly approaching. For example, every Wednesday, Kohl’s offers a fifteen percent discount to shoppers 55 or older (just be sure to bring an ID to verify your age). Whatever it is that you are interested in doing around Seattle, be sure to check and see if you can save a little money during your time out of the house! Happy exploring! 

Cozy Fall Ideas For Your Home

by Donna McCampbell

Hello Fall!

The arrival of fall brings a slight (and welcomed) chill to the air, bright colored leaves and pumpkin spice everything. With the change of season, it may be time to redecorate and spruce up your home to something a little cozier and festive. Does this seem like a daunting task? Don’t stress! We listed a few suggestions below to help bring the fall spirit to your home without spending too much money or time. We hope these ideas spark some creativity for you - Happy fall decorating!

-Boost your homes curb appeal by filling window boxes and gardens with English Ivy, pansies and ornamental cabbages. These seasonal colored flowers not only to bring the fall spirit to the front of your home, but also can withstand the cold winter temperatures, ensuring natural beauty well into the beginning of Spring.

-Integrate autumn tones throughout your home by using festive throw pillows and blankets, as well as woodsy centerpieces, gourds and layered fall toned tablecloths.

-Freshen up the porch and front door by piling pumpkins (small and large), corn husks and potted croton/ mums all around, and hanging festive wreaths on the front door to give the area a welcoming feel for holiday guests. If you are on a budget, you may want to try making your own wreathes! Click here to learn how to make your own mini pumpkin wreath, or here for your own ribbon rose wreath.

-Firewood doesn’t just have to be functional. Give your fireplace a cozy, woodsy charm by adding real firewood to your fireplace as decor. (Before you bring the firewood inside, don’t forget to clean it off and trim and twigs or leaves that are still attached).

-Create a warm, welcoming and cozy outdoor backyard space by including festive pillows and throws around a fire pit. This is the perfect setting to enjoy family and friends, and maybe roast some marshmallows for a warm, sweet snack. (Side Tip: keep a larger basket close by to make it easy to bring all throws inside if bad weather arrives).

-Pillar candles and lanterns are a great way to bring an extra dose of coziness and welcoming scents into your home. If using pillars, incorporate fall décor such as coffee beans, candy corn or acorns around the base. (Be sure to keep an eye on any burning flame so it does not become a hazard). 

Seattle Meetups for Seniors

by Donna McCampbell

Seattle is a wonderful city bursting with life and adventure around every corner. It has something for every age group, activity level and interest. However, with so much to do and see it can be difficult at times to find the right activity, and moreover, a group of people who share the same interests as you – especially if you are a senior of the community. If this sounds like you, Meetup may be the answer you are looking for. Through thousands of cities around the country, Meetup brings like-minded people together to do more of what they want to do and enjoy in life. It helps people connect, explore, teach and do more of what makes them feel most alive - and what better place to adventure through than one of the country’s most beautiful cities? Below is a list of popular meet up groups for seniors in Seattle - browse through and see if anything perks your interest. Who knows, your next adventure might be a click away!

Seniors Fitness Opportunities | Meet and interact with other senior’s while breaking a sweat! This group was created to cater to the senior demographic to help facilitate great events and fitness opportunities. Learn more about the Seniors Fitness Opportunities Meetup here.

Explore Seattle – Senior Activity Club | This Meetup is catered to the 50+ crowd to share in fun adventures and activities around Seattle. Get out and about to meet new people and explore the city. Learn more about the Explore Seattle – Senior Activity Club here.

The Seattle Senior Coffee Club | Love drinking coffee and wine while creating and cultivating new friendships? If so, then this Meetup is for you! The group plans activities such as local trips around town, lunches/dinners at local restaurants or simply meeting and talking at cozy coffee shops. Learn more about The Seattle Senior Coffee Club Meetup here.

Eastside Seniors Connection | This Meetup group gets together once or twice a month with seniors around the eastside. They plan activities such as happy hour, early-evening dinners and brunches. Learn more about the Eastside Seniors Connection Meetup here


by Donna McCampbell

Urea formaldehyde was a form of insulation added to homes several years ago. It was a type of liquid foam sprayed into walls in older homes that weren't built with wall insulation at the time. The liquid foam found its way into the wall's nooks and dried, forming a good insulator. Problems seemed to come right after the insulation - many people got sick from the formaldehyde part of the product, and they continued to do so for many years afterwards. In some cases the walls were taken apart, and the insulation was removed.

Current studies indicate that after several years the problem seemed to go away. There is an extensive site dedicated to this issue from the EPA, available here. Knowing the facts can help you make an informed decision when you are ready to make an offer.


by Donna McCampbell

Single pane, double pane, thermo pane, triple pane windows, plain glass, leaded glass, low "e" glass, wired glass, and tempered glass, too. WOW - There's a lot to know!

Some children have been known to shatter a window or two. Tempered glass can prevent this. Fogged thermal pane windows might need to be replaced if their seals are broken. New argon gas filled windows work well to insulate, while low-e coatings reduce the heat transfer for south facing rooms.

There is a lot of information available on the web, but this site seems to be one of the best ones out there. We will be happy to show you the different types of windows and glass as we show you around homes, so be sure to ask us.

Key Take away's for Home Staging on a Budget

1. You receive $2 for every $1 put into your Seattle Home using staging to Sell!

2. Always de-personalize your home before selling.  Buyers need to be able to picture their own items and themselves living in the home.

3. Declutter ALL areas of your home, including closets and storage area to showcase maximum space.

4. Make sure your home is scrubbed clean and can pass the "White Glove" test.  Also rid your home of any odors.  Potential Buyers can detect these by just walking in the door.

5. ALL homes can benefit from updating;  especially kitchens and bathrooms.

6. Utilize neutral paint colors throughout, even if that means repainting all rooms.

For more Home Selling Tips, visit our website!

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